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Benfatti, Party of 3

Lou Benfatti

Dear PAF,


It is truly an honor to have received these scholarships for Cole, Drew. and Danae. We are extremely grateful to have them as scholarship recipients. The education for our children is paramount and has always been of utmost importance, and to be rewarded in this way is very humbling. We want to thank you for your generous gifts that made their education attainable. Your philanthropy has expanded the opportunities available to enhance the lives of the next generation. The scholarships for each of our children truly means a lot to our family and the personal confidence it has instilled in them. This support makes higher education possible for the Benfatti kids, and with that comes the key to all other successes.  


Lou Benfatti & family

NFL Player 1994-1997

Family Scholarship Recipients


Pictured: former player Lou Benfatti and his three children. All children were recipients of the PAF Family Scholarship program.

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