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I don't want to live to 100 without my wife.

Greg Camarillo & Andre Collins

It was at the former players conference. I was there to be a part of the conference, to be around football players, have a good time, and have a little vacation from my children as well. You offered these screenings and I figured "I'm here. It's free. Why not go for it?" It was really my first experience getting a lot of those [health] tests. As a football player, I've always had team doctors and once I stopped playing football I had to figure out what regular, non-players do. I didn't know how to find a primary care physician (PCP), how to get these tests. Things I would never even consider. It was a great way to take care of my health and meet with these experts. [My wife] was on board and you guys made it really easy. You laid it out for me and all I had to do was show up. 

[The screening] turned a BIG light on for me. One of my heart valve walls was thicker than others and on the edge of what is considered normal. I panicked and thought, "oh my goodness I have an enlarged heart". You always here of people suddenly dying of stuff like that and it stressed me out. If this had happened without access to experts I would've been stressed and freaking out but because I was able to speak to Dr. Roberts I know I'm totally fine and it's something I can keep an eye on down the road. 

Greg Camarillo

NFL Player 2005-2012

2017 PAF x Living Heart Foundation Health Screening Attendee

Our in-person comprehensive health screenings for Former NFL Players and their spouses we’re paused in 2020, but we invited our members to a virtual engagement to sit “screen-to-screen” with our Living Heart Foundation wellness partner and other sports medical experts. Former player, Greg Camarillo, shares his wellness story (2:00) thanks to the work of Dr. Archie Roberts and the Living Heart Foundation.

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