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The Year was 1996

Dewey McClain

The Atlanta Chapter of the NFLPA was charted in 1985. I cannot believe it has been 30 years since Gene Upshaw, the Executive Director of the NFLPA and a former player, created the Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF). In 1990 Frank Woschitz, was the Director of the Former Players Department, and Dee Becker was the assistant Director, so Gene placed the PAF in their hands. The PAF was created to assist former players in their transition to their second career of life after football and those experiencing hardship, educationally, medically, and financially. For the player and their family.


In 1996, the PAF established the youth scholarship program for either a male or female high school senior in a chapter city. Within a few years, it became a scholarship for one male and one female high school senior in each Chapter city, and now the PAF also awards scholarships for former players' children. And I can't forget to mention that the charitable grants have contributed to the success of many non-profits associated with and operated by former NFL players.  

The PAF has accomplished so much for its members and their families in its first 30 years, and us Players really look forward to the next 30.

Dewey McClain 
PAF Board Member 
NFL Player 1976-1984 


2020 Pittsburgh NFLPA Former Player Chapter Virtual scholarship award ceremony:

Pittsburgh chapter Zoom2.PNG
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